Newcomer Guide

Created: 8 October 2022, 15:26:05 UTC
Last updated: 9 October 2022, 13:16:20 UTC

Newcomer guide

First, welcome to Jello Island, and we are happy you have decided to join our Jellocat Community! In this journal, we will try to guide you and explain everything you need to know.

1. Please register at Lorekeeper 
2. Join our discord Server (optional):

Species Info + Map of Jello Island


Jello Island by TaNa-Jo
On the map above, you can see all cities and berry locations.


Species Info

Species - Jellocats:
Jelloguts - Sub Species:
Ancient Jellocats: 
Anatomy Guide: 
Breeding Guide: 
Here you will find everything along with Traits.



Our masterlist can be found on Lorekeeper. Only Jellocats uploaded to the masterlist on are considered officially part of this species. 

There, your Jellocat will receive an official numberIt is their ID - we call it "Registration Number".

You can always link to your cat back at Lorekeeper/use its Registration Number
 if you draw art or commission art and upload it here or somewhere else. It is the proof, your Jellocat is an official Jellocat.

  • REGISTER and UPDATE your Cat on Lorekeeper for official proof only.


CLOSED Cactus Jellocat Adopt by TaNa-Jo

Jello Blocks & your FREE Jellocat

  • If you draw art, you earn our currency - Jelloblocks. For Jelloblocks, you can buy MYO Tickets, Trait Upgrades, Items, Pets and even adopts. You can check your Balance on your Lorekeeper Account. Lorekeeper is 100% free. We've moved there, because managing everything is way easier there.
We offer Jelloblocks for fan-art which you can trade in for MYO Tickets & other awesome items in our shop!
  • Jelloblock Rewards Chart: HERE 
  • MYO Tickets / Trait upgrades: HERE


Other species Living on Jello Island

So far, the only other species living on Jello Island right now, is the OPEN Species Nerps.

Nerps Species (Jellocat Species) by TaNa-Jo

Jellopets / Companions (Optional)

Jellopets are a Jellocat's companion for a lifetime. They are absolutely loyal and live along Jellocats and their owners. You do not need to own a Jellocat to own a pet.

Pets can be purchased at the Jello MarketIf you want to pay with Jelloblocks, please do so at Lorekeeper!

  • Read about Pets HERE


Items & Shop

In our shops, you can buy many items! Pets, MYO Tickets, items....!

Terms of service - T.O.S.

  • See our Terms of Service.  Guest artists can also find info there. 
  • When buying something Jellocat-related, you agree to our T.O.S.!