June Pride Prompt WINNERS

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All winners were rolled in discord if you would like proof ! I added some extra prizes since I have been very sick, so it was much later than planned, 


1 Spectrumelin
1 Spectrum Potion
Now **2** Legendary trait potions instead of one !
2 Rare potions to the same person
And **NOW 2** Themed Jelloworm OR Faemih myo ! Please dm me about which you prefer

All other winners will win 20 jelloblocks ! As a way to give everyone a lil something , and the fact I was a bit sick so this is a bit late lol!

HERE WE GO also everyone I had been graded !



Themed Pet MYOS :

Leyley 55 and Meutrocide

 2 Rare Trait Potions :

The Creative Sketchy

2 SEPERATE Legendary Potions :

xXSnow_BuiltXx and Kaz

Spectrum Potion :




And again, everyone else won 20 jelloblocks ! 
'these will be added in your inventory as soon as possible ! 



T00N-T0WN = Ink 


Thank you all so much for joining ! I will be posting the July prompt as soon as possible !


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