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For all art not related to the monthly or special prompts ! 
Submit your normal and daily jellocat art here !

Cat must be CLEARLY depicted. If the cat is overly covered or blurred out, it becomes too hard for us to judge ! If it is not , it will have to be edited or denied .
Here is the judging criteria 

Jellopet(s)/Soulmate included - +5x Jelloblocks
Headshot - 5x Jelloblocks
Bust/ Portrait - 6x Jelloblocks
Fully rendered Bust/Portrait - 10x Jelloblocks
Full body - 7x Jelloblocks
Fully rendered/shaded full-body - 12x Jelloblocks
Simple Background - 5x Jelloblocks
Complex Background (Shading/scenery) - 7x Jelloblocks
Coloured Sketchpage min. 5 sketches - 9x Jelloblocks
Pixel Icon - 6x Jelloblocks
Animation (simple) - 6x Jelloblocks
Animation (complex 10+ frames) - 9x Jelloblocks
Animation (complex 10+ frames with complex bg) - 14x Jelloblocks
Chibi - 6x Jelloblocks
YCH Batches (Simple on-base full-bodies) - 7x Jelloblocks per cat
Writings (min 500 words) - 7x Jelloblocks
Writings (min 800 words) - 9x Jelloblocks


No rewards.

The prompt submissions specifically for Jellocat of the Month


Jellocat Of The Month

Earn x2 the jelloblocks by drawing the cat of the month ! You can find the normal rates here, and a mod will make sure you get double that for Cat of the Month !


Cat must be CLEARLY depicted. If the cat is overly covered  or blurred out, it becomes too hard for us to judge ! If it is not , it will have to be edited or denied .


You will only earn x2 for the cat of the month and the background. This has always been a rule, but just so people don't think others. You also get x2 for the background, but including other cats only gives you base rewards as to avoid jelloblock grinding .

Cat of the Month for August 2022

Our rainbow friend Beua !


  • pet or Soulmate included = 5 in total
  • Headshot = 5x
  • Bust/ Portrait = 6x
  • Fully rendered Bust/Portrait = 10x
  • Full body = 7x
  • Fully rendered/shaded full-body = 12x
  • Simple Background = 5x
  • Complex Background (Shading/scenery) = 7x
  • Coloured Sketch page min. 5 sketches = 9x

  • Pixel Icon = 6x

  • Animation (simple) = 6x
  • Animation (complex 10+ fps) = 9x
  • Animation (complex 10+ fps with complex bg) = 14x

  • Chibi = 6x per cat
  • YCH Batches (Simple on-base full-bodies) = 10x per cat

  • Writings (min 500 words) = 7x
  • Writings (min 1,000 words) = 9x


No rewards.


Just for random, no specific Jellocat art ! Worth less jelloblocks overall but you can still earn them here !


No rewards.


All art must show a berry in the images or written must be 300 words at least ! We will be reading all pormpts to make sure this rule is followed

Otherwise you still get the same jelloblock rewards ! This is specific just for berries

Berry can also be any berry !
Jelloblock Values:
  • Jello pet or Soulmate included = 5 in total

  • Headshot = 5x

  • Bust/ Portrait = 6x

  • Fully rendered Bust/Portrait = 10x

  • Full body = 7x

  • Fully rendered/shaded full-body = 12x

  • Simple Background = 5x

  • Complex Background (Shading/scenery) = 7x

  • Coloured Sketch page min. 5 sketches = 9x

  • Pixel Icon = 6x

  • Animation (simple) = 6x

  • Animation (complex 10+ fps) = 9x

  • Animation (complex 10+ fps with complex background) = 14x

  • Chibi = 6x per cat

  • YCH Batches (Simple on-base full-bodies) = 10x per cat

  • Writings (min 500 words) = 7x

  • Writings (min 1,000 words) = 9x


No rewards.
Draw The Cat Above You!

Discord specific prompt


A prompt for our little game in discord ! You will get an additional 10 jelloblocks for participating and finishing art of the cat above you ! ONLY art used for that will be used here. We will be checking to make sure it was part of the draw your cat game !


Reward Amount
Jelloblocks 10

November Flash Prompt

Ends: 1 December 2022, 00:00:00 UTC (2 days from now)

Draw your jellocat eating their favorite thanksgiving dish !


A simple prompt ! Please read the rules below c: !

Ozzy's favorite is of COURSE DINNER ROLLS AND CORN !

Rules : 


Can be completed multiple times ! Just don't go overboard with lole 30 entries haha 

Since this is a flash prompt with a shorter time frame, all we need is a legible piece * doesn't need to be perfectly lined but we need to be able to tell it's a cat eating* and simple coloring is all you need ! Though as always, you get more jelloblocks !


Prizes :

- A base 15 jelloblocks as well as your normal graded value .
- 3 berries of your choosing ! Please specify which ones you want in your comments on the art piece ! 


Reward Amount
Jelloblocks 15
$5 Donation Loot Claim


How to Submit your Donation :

1. Donate to Tana's Ko-Fi to help fund coding for our Lorekeeper ! All donations will go to improving the site c;

2. Take a screenshot of which tier you chose ! This is Tier 1 at $5. You can submit directly through Lorekeeper or use so,etching like the da link option. 

3. To submit correctly, you can use any cat's number that you'd normally use when submitting a prompt. Please only use your cats, but if you'd do not have a cat or a pet, you may use a mods cat ! We need a number just because Lorekeeper does

4. You're all good to go ! 


Main Prize : 100% Special Pet MYO Drop, normally $10 or a mod custom unable to be bought by normal means in s hops

Possible Prizes :

2x Mutation Trait Upgrades in both loot boxes possible

Rare Jelloworm MYO in Box 1

50 Jelloblocks in both loot boxes

Spectrum Potion in Box 1

Common MYO Slot in Box 1

Ancient Transformation in Box 2

Gelatin in Box 2

Basically, you will win 1 promised prize and 2 randomized boxes with slight prize variation !

Submissions to this prompt are hidden.


Reward Amount
Special Pet MYO 1
$5 Loot Table P.2 1
$5 Loot Table P.1 1
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