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Breeding MYO Ticket

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Breeding MYO Ticket

How to use:
    • Go to your INVENTORY > Click on the Ticket > USE SLOT

  • NOTE TaNa-Jo , so your MYO Ticket can be added to your inventory on Lorekeeper if you buy a Ticket for Points or Money
  • Mention your username!
Also, available for:
20 USD / 2,000 Points

Jellocat Breeding Guide

Breeding and genders:
Jellocats can be agender, male or female. The gender does not matter for breeding! If two Jellocats love each other enough, they build a jello egg. The parents collect jello and build it together. Once the egg is built, their love and magic ability create any taste into the egg. They can only have one egg at once because it is so much work. The egg can turn into a Jellocat at any time once it is finished.

They rub their cheeks against each other and through the friction, a magical bolt hits the egg and the cat is ready to hatch. Either the parents have a certain flavour in mind and put it into the egg while they rub their cheeks, or it is pure coincidence. 

People let their Jellocats spend some time together, so they have some experience together. Usually, it happens when they are sent to collect jello for their egg. During such a journey they probably grow close to each other and the rest happens out of pure will.


Probability Chart:

One parent is the subspecies:
The rate for subspecies offspring: 50%
The rate for extra trait offspring (rare): 70%
  • If the parents have the same traits, they will be inherited. 100%
  • Chance of pattern inherit: 50%

Other notes

  • You are not allowed to freely making breeds. They are only available through special events or ticket purchase.
  • 2 Jellocats are needed. Yours and another one's Jellocat / or another one you own. Genders do not matter.
  • Read our Terms Of Service before!

🧲 ( :0 someone dropped a lucky horseshoe )

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