User Blacklist

Username Alias Banned Ban Reason
DiscordKittenz discordkittenz@TH 10 June 2023, 16:20:10 UTC Wanted to remove account ‘ leave species, ban is the only way to remove account currently.
Ink InkwellHell@dA 30 August 2023, 18:13:07 UTC User wished to fully leave the species and mod position, and asked for account to be deleted which currently can only be done with a ban.
kaet_mp3 CatisPopping@dA 17 August 2023, 18:05:09 UTC Statement sent to banned user below

“Hello there.
It was brought to our attention that you have an offbrand jellocat.
We are not at liberty to disclose who brought this to our attention, and pressing to get that information will not be permitted.
You may chose to do what ever you like with your cats as they will be voided from the species.
Offbranding is a bannable offence with the harassment strike you already have.

If you want to make a big deal out of this, you're the only one to blame for the ban as no one forced you to make an offbrand or to harass banned members (No matter if it was justifiable or not. Mods have taken care of it already.)
The drama will be all your own as we won’t be taking part in arguing as we have better things to do than be childish.”
Nightmare_Toy_Chica NightmareToyChica00@dA 3 May 2023, 20:54:07 UTC Wanted account deleted from site .
nutella303 illager303@dA 3 April 2023, 00:39:49 UTC Blacklisted for off-branding and inability to give mods an in depth answer, seemingly choosing to keep the off-branded base made by another blacklisted member used and would not give a response besides liking comments and changing the name of the original DA post.
Parrotina Parrotina@dA 15 June 2023, 22:31:19 UTC Wanted their account removed from the site, not banned for any wrong doings,
SodaBucket (Unverified) 23 June 2023, 23:29:21 UTC For being a silly goose with the wrong email
Theacidrain toxicpersonxx@dA 7 May 2023, 15:28:44 UTC Reasons:
- people are uncomfortable + making unnecessary comments towards others
- Agressive behaving
- making people come to mods about feeling unwell because of them
- ignoring mods
- unfriendly to mods; not listening
- Mistreating staff when all we did was try helping
- Not listening to the staff / repeatedly asked to do stuff and ignored staff
- Rude behavior towards members
ZB-OrcaBite Orca-Bite@dA 19 April 2023, 02:09:17 UTC This is a notice of ban as it was brought to mod attention with proof of how you have treated people, our species is a safe space for LGBTQ+ members and such actions are not welcome. 
 Please do not go out of your way to attack/harass/stalk any of staff or our members, and we will do the same for you to not bother.
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