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Created: 25 February 2022, 22:04:23 UTC
Last updated: 2 March 2023, 22:23:23 UTC

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3.2 MYO

4.0 Prices
4.4 FAQ




0.0 General Info

0.1 What is this document for?

This is the official T.O.S. for the group and Website Jello Island / Lorekeeper Website & Jellocat Species community. These rules apply to ALL Jellocat Species-related places. You need to follow our rules - otherwise, the consequences listed below may apply.

By taking part in Jellocats, you agree to our Terms Of Service. This starts when you own a Jellocat, subspecies OR Jellopet. This applies to events, groups, websites and adoptables.

  • Selling Jellocats as NFTs will lead to a direct & permanent ban.
  • These T.O.S. may be updated in the future.


0.2 Species Info

Species Info:


Discord & Toyhou.se:

Breeding Guide:

Custom & MYO Prices:


1.0 Adoption of a Jellocat/Pet

1.1 Adoption

A CLOSED SPECIES means, you cannot create your own without permission. There are certain ways how you can obtain a Jellocat! Jellocats created without approval are not allowed in any official Jellocat-related activities. Ignoring our rules and creating Jellocats or close designs may result in a ban and an entry into our blacklist.

  • This includes:
    DeviantArt Group Jello Island, Lorekeeper, Events, Jellocat Community, Discord & Events.

Jellocat adoptables are being sold on DeviantArt mainly. You may find them on Twitter, too. Be careful to check if they have been created with approval and are official designs!

  • You can obtain Jellocats via:
    Auctions, Flat-sales, Gifts, Events, MYO, Customs, Trades
  • You own a Jellocat 100% after payment is received by the other party.
    • By purchasing a Jellocat you purchase the DESIGN, NOT the species.
    • Once purchased… the new owner of certain Jellocat directly agrees to our T.O.S. and may change its information/edit the design and traits + Take part in all of our events. (You can purchase items at the shop/market & single trait upgrades).
      • … Ignoring warnings considering our T.O.S. might lead to a strike or a ban of your Jellocat and your username + aliases. Read the following carefully. Ignoring the following points may have consequences, as already told.
  • … You may NOT:
    • Claim the design as your own unless you have created it yourself
    • Claim the species as yours.
    • Use a Jellocat for Commercial Use of any kind.
    • Make copies of it and sell it.
    • Trace it


2. Approving Ownership

All Jellocats, subspecies and pets are registered at our masterlist: 


3. Design Rules & Rights

★ Inspiration from characters:
Please note that you may take inspiration from existing, copyrighted characters, but please not too close! Show us!

Inspiration vs copying - Jellocat Species

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/tana-jo/art/Inspiration-vs-copying-Jellocat-Species-919822567 


3.1 Customs

Only ADMINS + OFFICIAL Artists of Jello Island are allowed to take custom commissions! (Check our admin team on our website or dA Group).

  • Prices may change in the future.
  • Customs may be based on a character you have created that is NOT a closed species by someone else unless you’re allowed to with proof. 
  • Copies of copyrighted characters are not allowed. You may take inspiration. Show us beforehand, please!
  • OFFICIAL ARTISTS keep 80% and 20% goes to TaNa-Jo.
  • Guest Artists are NOT allowed to take custom commissions.

    More info:


3.2 MYO
MYO = Make Your Own! 

MYO tickets can be purchased with DeviantArt points, money & Jello blocks. You can also win them in events or, when you are lucky, encounter a free MYO event.  (Jelloblocks – our currency you can earn as Art Rewards)

  • Admins & Official artists make draw your MYO! Guest Artists cannot. The prices above apply.
    (Note: the difference between official artist and guest artist is that official artists are part of the team for an unlimited period of time without adopt making limitation.)
  • Purchase an MYO Ticket here: https://www.jellocats.club/shops/4 
  • You can earn an MYO Ticket by drawing fan art for us and purchasing it with Jello blocks - or dA points or money.
    More info here: https://www.jellocats.club/info/Jelloblocks 
  • Banned persons must not buy any MYO Tickets.


3.2.1 MYO Reselling/Gifting:
You may do the following:
  • You CAN resell PURCHASED ADOPTS & CUSTOMS, MYO for the same resource and price you bought them for. (Or more money if they come with more art content. YOU decide on how much money/points + you want for the additional art).
  • VALUE 0€ MYO / Adopts/gifts that have additional art content are still valued 0, but you decide on the money you want for the content that comes along with it. Just the cat design is 0 but not the additional content!
  • Reselling an MYO Ticket is only allowed for the resource you have bought them for. If you paid with points, you can only resell them for points, e.g.
  • MYO or Jellocats won in any kind of event are worth 0, so they are not allowed to be sold. You may GIFT them after talking to one of the admins. ASK.
  • MYO won in FTO (First-time Owner) Events can ONLY be gifted to people who have not joined certain FTO Event/to people who are FTOs only.


3.3 Designing your MYO
Designing a Jellocat by using an MYO Ticket:
  1. Please do NOT create a design that is based on copyrighted material/characters.
  2. Try to make a unique design to avoid upcoming discussions.
  3. Do not make MYOs based on other Jellocats, unless you own them or created them yourself with another MYO ticket.
  4. You can commission our Official Artists+Admins to create your MYO Design.
  5. Needs to be coloured


3.4 Redesigning

You can redesign your Jellocat, but read this beforehand:

  • Redesigning does NOT mean designing a complete new Jellocat. You may alter it, but it needs to look similar to the original design.
  • You may make minor colour hue/pattern changes.
  • Common Traits can be changed & added for free. All other traits you want to change, need a single trait upgrade ticket. You can buy those in our shop.
  • You may remove traits for free.
  • You may SWAP traits within the same rarity, but NOT add a new one unless you have a single trait upgrade.
    • To add a new trait, the corresponding rarity ticket must be purchased, and to alter existing traits you must state the changes on the masterlist upon completion. This includes colour alterations, trait swapping, and purchased tickets.
  • Please show all changes to the admins before you upload a redesign. We do not take responsibility if you put much work into an unapproved design change & upload it without consent and in the end, the design may not be allowed considering the rules mentioned above.


3.5 Voiding

Voiding? When you decide to leave the species or simply want to “delete” your design, so no one else can have it, you can VOID your Jellocat. 

  • Voiding is a one-time decision. This goes along with the registration number.
  • Voided cats will STAY in the masterlist, but are not able to be "alive or used" again. (They will stay, so you can see the design still and see that it is voided.)
  • Voided cats cannot be reintroduced to JC by use of an MYO.
  • MYO can be voided.
  • Guest Designs & Official Designs cannot be voided.
  • Voided cats can be turned into another creature or species if the owner of a certain species allows it.
  • Voided cats cannot be called "Jellocats" anymore.
  • Cloned designs are not allowed.

Please consider these options before you void your Jellocat:

  • You can GIFT your cat away
  • You may give the Jellocat “back” to the group, so it can be used as a prize for future events. The cat will have a value of 0, so it cannot be resold.
  • You can try to sell it away for the same resource you have bought it for.


3.6 Admins/Staff
  1. Staff and admins cannot sell MYO Tickets - Only TaNa-Jo.
  2. Money/Points always go to TaNa-Jo. Admins may sell Adoptables as well as Guest Artists+ Official Artists.
  3. The rights of this species are not being sold when an adoptable/custom/YCH or MYO is purchased.


3.7 Members & Non-members
  • You CAN sell YCH drawings & take YCH commissions, but only official/approved Jellocats. You keep the profit 100%.
  • You may create a pay to use base / free to use base and keep the profit.
  • You can offer & take commissions to draw existing, approved Jellocats & keep the profit.
  • You may take part in our community, discord, events, and website!


4. Guest Artists

4.0 Prices:

Prices are up to you but don't sell your designs too cheap! 
See this chart for customs as example/guide:

Bullet; Green Common: 15€ / 1,500 points
Bullet; Blue Uncommon: 25€ / 2,500 points
Bullet; Purple Rare: 35€ / 3,500 points
Bullet; Pink Legendary: 45€ / 4,500 points
Bullet; Yellow Mutation: 55€ / 5,500 points

4.1 What is a Guest Artist, an official artist & how can I become one?
  • Guest artists are invited artists that have the allowance to create several designs and sell them. We do not allow NFTs!
  • The difference between official artist and guest artist is that official artists are part of the team for an unlimited period of time without adopt making limitation. Guest artist have a limitation on how many Jellocats they may design and sell.

There are different rarities:
Bullet; Green Common | Bullet; Blue Uncommon | Bullet; Purple Rare | Bullet; Pink Legendary | Bullet; Yellow Mutation | Bullet; Orange Event
  • Guest Artists are allowed to sell adoptables.
  • You need to register at Lorekeeper & join discord.
  • Guest Artists must not take custom commissions.
  • Guest Artists may create a Jellocat out of MYO Tickets.
  • Guest Artists can be commissioned to create your MYO Design.
    (Their terms and prices apply.)
  • Please do NOT use bases from others to submit a Guest Design. You may use a base you have made yourself only.


4.2 Guest Artists
How many Jellocats and Jello pets am I allowed to sell as a Guest Artist?

1. You need to submit the adopts in a BATCH only.
2. 5 Jellocats + 1 for yourself + 5 Jello pets + 1 for yourself. (Faemith, Jelloworms and other pets).
3. No limit on rarity for Jellocats and pets! You keep 100% profit for pets!
4. 20% going to TaNa-Jo in EUROS. (tara.private@t-online.de)

4.3 official artists & Admins
  • This status comes with an invite-only.
  • Official Artists may take custom commissions. See 3.1
  • How many Jellocats am I allowed to sell?
    • There is no limitation. You may make your own Jellocat.
  • How many Jellopets am I allowed to sell?
    • There is no limitation. No limit on rarity! You keep 100% profit for pets!
  • Traits: All traits are allowed.
  • 20% going to TaNa-Jo 
  • Register Pets on the Master list as well!


4.4 FAQ:
  • What currency/points?
    100 points = 1 EUROS. You may use USD, Points, or Euros.
    Note: Use the commission widget to be able to convert points into money. 

  • Is it sold for a flat price or auctioned?
    You can decide.

  • What will I earn?
    You are supposed to keep 80%. 20% goes to TaNa-Jo via PayPal in EUROS.

  • Where will it be posted?
    You are supposed to submit it to your gallery on DeviantArt. Submit it to the ADOPTS folder in the group. Feel free to add it to other groups as well. You are allowed to post it to other pages as well. Ask TaNa-Jo to submit to a folder if there are folder permission issues. Please submit your adopts in a batch. Make a huge batch out of Jellocats and Pets, or split it into 2 batches.

  • What defines rarity?
    Rarity is defined by its traits - the “rarest” trait:

Common traits, but one is rare = The Jellocat is rare.
Common = common. 
Common, but 1 legendary = legendary.

  • Am I allowed to add character and history to design things like broken horns, scars, hair, etc?


4.5 Requirements for being a Guest artist:

1. You must have PayPal. It is not our responsibility who holds the PayPal account, but most countries require 18 years of legal age.
2. Accounts that are at least 3 months old.
3. Being able to draw
4. An account at our Lorekeeper website & join our discord server for approval of designs
5. Following species traits and TOS/Rules
6. Active during your month of being a guest artist

(Applying does not mean you will be chosen as a Guest Artist.)


5. Payment - Types of Payment

5.1 Paying

Jellocats will be sold in DeviantArt points & Euros. Guest artists may use our set USD prices. (see 4.4).
Here is a tool you can use:  Converter

  • You will receive the Jellocat after 100% payment.
  • Points can be used as payment. Please use the commission widget - now shop-function at DeviantArt.
  • Payment may not take longer than 1 week unless stated or mutually agreed upon.


  • Unless there is a valid reason, we do not make refunds.


5.2 Auctions

Do NOT take part in our auctions if you don’t have the money for it. Auctions will be held for DeviantArt points and money. 

  • After winning an auction, we will inform you per chat or note.
    • When the auction is still running, and you are NOT the highest bidder, you can remove your comment at any time.
    • Dropping out of a running auction while being the highest bidder results in a strike.
    • No answer after 1 week = 1st. Strike (see 6. For banning rules).
    • By taking part in auctions, you agree to pay if you win & pay if the highest bidder drops out because of scamming.
    • We do not tolerate offensive comments against other bidders.
    • When an auction ends, and you’re the highest bidder and cannot pay, this also leads to a strike. You don’t take part in auctions when you aren’t able to pay in the end.
    • Dropping out: 
  • The second-highest bidder will automatically win the auction & needs to pay for the adoptable.


5.3 Flatsales

We offer them in points and real money (PayPal for money only).

  • First come, first served!
    • The same rules for dropping out at auctions count. The second-highest commentator wins in a case of dropping out.
    • If you win, there is a time limit on how much time you have until the payment needs to be received.


5.4 Trading, Transfers, and Resale

Jellocats can be traded and transferred for free between members. You can do this on Lorekeeper or inform our admins. Our DeviantArt masterlist account has been inactive due to the movement of Jellocats to Lorekeeper in March 2022.

Feel free to post a Journal to our group in the correct folder when you want to trade/resell a Jellocat design. 



  • If you do this, please also update your Lorekeeper account.
    • (Or more money/points if they come with more art content. YOU decide on how much money/points you want for the additional art content).
    • You can resell PURCHASED ADOPTS & CUSTOMS, MYO for DeviantART Points, USD, Euro, … for the same price you have bought them for - or less.
    • VALUE 0 MYO/Adopts/gifts that have additional art content are still valued 0, but you decide on the money you want for the content that comes along with it. The cat design is 0 but not the additional content!
    • You CAN trade/sell items (Same rule applies as on top of this section)
  • However, MYO or Jellocats won in any kind of event are worth 0, so they are not allowed to be sold. You may GIFT them after talking to one of the admins. ASK.
  • Jellocats earned for free can only be traded or gifted. They are worth 0 - unless there is additional art content.



If you do this, please also update your Lorekeeper account.

  1. You CAN trade/sell items for at least the resource you have bought them for.
  2. You CAN trade Jellocats for other species and characters. Inform the admins, please.
  3. You CAN trade Jellocats for items. But check the value of the Jellocat first before trading it for several items, or look up the price of the items offered in total.


5.5 Co-ownerships

We cannot list more than 1 owner on the masterlist, and we do not desire such a thing.

  • We do not allow official co-ownership. A Jellocat is bound to one account only. You can own a Jellocat together, but this will be not official. The named account is responsible for the Jellocat.


5.6 Payment Plans
  • Payment plans are available for AB payments. 50% 50%.
    • When you pay 50% but are unable to pay the rest in the time limit of 1 month, you will receive 1x strike and the design is being resold. You get your already paid money back, of course.
  • Payment plans are available if you buy more than 1x Adopt. You need to pay within the time limit of 1 month between payments.
  • Payment plans are available if you commission a custom. You need to pay within the time limit of 1 month between payments.
  • No payment plans for MYO Slots/items.


6. Banning & Hate

6.1 Harassment

When you see someone else being harassed, or you feel you are being harassed, please contact the group admins. If you are harassing a person, you may receive a strike. Please always provide proof. We do not accept white knighting - it may result in a strike because this causes drama. Do not speak on the admin's behalf.

  1. Do not harass people for off branding, just notify the admins, please.
  2. If you have issues with a person about non-Jellocat-related things, report the person to DeviantArt, please. 


6.2 Blacklist:
  1. Lorekeeper Blacklist: https://www.jellocats.club/blacklist
  2. More detailed version: https://www.deviantart.com/tana-jo/journal/Blacklist-872098689 
There are several reasons for being blacklisted/banned:
  1. For certain things, you receive 1x Strike. 3x Strikes get you on the Blacklist.
  2. Off branding.
  3. Being rude towards staff.
  4. Harassment/Racist behaviour
  5. Bullying people over buying an adopt and spending money for it.
  6. Scamming people
  7. Ignoring our T.O.S. after receiving a warning about them.
  8. Auctions:
    Taking part in auctions but do not have the money.
  9. Auctions:
    No answer after 1 week of winning an auction = 1st. Strike (see 6. For banning rules).
  10. Auctions:
    Dropping out of a running auction while being the highest bidder results in a strike.
  11. Payment plans:
    When you pay 50% but are unable to pay the rest in the time limit of 1 month, you will receive 1x strike and the design is being resold. You get your already paid money back, of course.
  12. Purposefully provoking drama.
  13. Unless there is an emergency preventing you from paying or finishing art , a strike can be given for backing out of any adopt offers, be it trades, points, PayPal or other variations. This will be worked out with mods wether or not your reasoning is excusable or not. If it becomes a habit or happens more than once, we reserve the right to refuse your offer or strike you if it happens multiple times.

Blacklisting cannot be undone. You can still re-sell your Jellocat. You are not allowed to take part in any events/activities anymore. Blacklisting is used for protecting people