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Quests for Awards

Created: 9 October 2022, 13:20:29 EDT
Last updated: 22 October 2023, 10:12:57 EDT


Quests for Awards

>  All awards / Items <

1.0 Awards

1.1 Starter Pack Shop
1.2 Collectable Shop

2.0 Quests
3.0 Island ID Quest
4.0 Jelloblock Award

1.0 Awards?

Yes! You can earn/collect awards for yourself and/or your Jellocat. There are different categories of awards you may earn by taking
part in contests, quests & prompts.> Check out our prompts: 


Collect your starter pack items for free ( to be able to unlock the Sprouts Shop. You can collect your bag there.
Please give it to a Jellocat. Your Jellocat needs to be assigned to its bag!
You can get other bags in the Sprout Shop.

1.2 sprout Shop

In the mystical realm of Jello Island, Sprouts are the essence of growth and magic. Collected by Jellocats, these mystical currencies unlock
new items tobuy for your Jellocat. You can earn sprouts by doing special prompts for special quests or general prompts just to earn sprouts in general
for some items you need to purchase in the Sprout Shop.

Prompts for earning Sprouts: Here
- Zodiac Prompts
- Bean Prompts
- General Sprout Prompts

2.0 Quests

Welcome to Jello Island, where your quests are as wobbly as the ground beneath your feet! There are different Quests you can take to earn "awards".
Some quests are for your account and other quests will grand your Jellocat an item/award to own - such as an ID Card for example.


3.0 Island ID Quest

Island ID

Behold, the Jellocat Identification Card, a whimsical key to the world of our feline friends! This pocket-sized marvel is not an ordinary ID; it's a
testament to the enchanting world of Jellocats. It makes your cat an officially registered citizen of Jello Island with a defined info sheet.

What do I need to do?
1. You need to fill out your cat's Reference Sheet.
There are different sheets for different rarities.
Download them and submit them to deviantART or to the Lorekeeper gallery.
Gallery: + Prompt: "Reference Sheets"

2. Jellobeans. You need a Jellobean you can buy it in the Sprout Shop. Each bean is assigned to a specific area of Jello Island so choose wisely!
A Jellocat can own several beans but every cat has its own inventory, so you cannot use a character's owned bean for other cats you own.
When you click on a bean in the shop, there is some information assigned to it! When you buy a bean, a jellocat you own needs to be assigned to it,
so the bean will be in the characters' inventory.

3. Zodiac Sign. 
In the shop, you will also need to buy a ZODIAC SIGN for your cat. There is a prompt for it.

4.0 Jello Block Quest


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