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Jello Island Map

Created: 8 October 2022, 15:08:12 EDT
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Jello Island

What is Jello Island?

All Jellocats live on Jello Island until they get adopted/found by a human. Humans travel to Jello Island without knowing Jellocats live on it. Some humans may know about it because they found a jelloegg, but usually, they find one with pure luck. Some even see a Jellocat walking around but Jellocats are shy when they meet a human for the first time and so, most eggs are found. Jello Island is a weird island where jello can be found, and somehow the Jellocats evolved. It is said that there once was a cat so in love with jello it simply turned into one! There are different 'lands'. A Jellocat can live everywhere, and some prefer only one area rather than wandering around. Sugar water can be found on Jello Islands only - all other lakes are just made of water.


Jello Island

A - Desert land:

(Desert Land is a very sandy place where there is one Jello Oasis with plenty of Jello. The journey takes quite a bit but is worth it. Some Jellocats prefer such a climate and travel to the sea or the two big lakes. It is also a great place to visit for a holiday, but take enough water with you.)

A.1 Fish Lake

a.2 Swirl lake

  • Lugiaa: (A desert city where tough Jellocats live. The weather is always burning hot with sandstorms, so the citizen learned to live a rough life.)
  • Lokrii: (In the warm water live Jellocats that cannot be found on land. They live deep under the sea. Lokrii is a city that contains saltwater and freshwater.)

B - Grassland

(Grass Land is a very calm place with wide meadows, little forests and beaches. One of the harbours is located there, so most humans start their journeys there. Most Jellocat reside on this land.)

b.1 Snake Lake 

b.2 Blob Lake

  • Snakee: (Snakee is a town where tourists love to spend their time. Jellocats usually trade here.)


C - Jello Islands:

(The Jello Islands is the favourite spot of all Jellocats because they simply can eat their whole surroundings. Monthly, a Jellocat travels to the islands at least. Sugar Lake is always popular and important for getting Jello Pets.)

c.1 Sugar Lake

  • :star: Palmia: (The capital of Jello Island. Many Jellocats live here and come here for trading.)
  • Jello: (In Jello City, Jellocats recover from fights and relax.)


D - Teeth Islands:

(Teeth Islands are the perfect spot for all island-loving Jellocats with beaches and water surrounding them!)

d.1 Tooth lake

  • Zahnstadt
E - Forestia:

(Forest Land is perfect for all nature-loving Jellocats or the shy ones because they can perfectly hide there, live in caves or just enjoy a calm forest. There are warm and very cold spots.)

e.1 Worm Lake 

  • Waldia: (Waldia City can be found deep in the forest of Forestia. Many plants and other magical things can be collected in this area.)
  • Pilz (In Pilz great things can be found and Jellocats who are plant-based or related to plants/love nature reside here.)


F - Iceland:

(Starting with mountains up to icy, cold landscapes, only tough Jellocats reside here. You have to hike to visit their homes. Not every cat can survive here, but humans used to go skiing with their cats or take the journey to finally show them snow!)

  • Tuskaa: (A very cold place.)


G - Whiskaa:

(Whiskaa Islands are 6 big islands where all the beach cats live!)

  • Whisk: (A small island city.)

(Kaltia is another region where Jellocats live as well. Much to explore!)

  • :star:Raczak: (Capital of Kaltia.)
  • Schnee: (Jellocats who decided to explore, moved to Schnee)



(Norkum is a dry, hot island with many volcanoes and hot, dangerous areas. If the desert is nothing for you, do not go there. The Jellocats of Norkum left Jello Island long ago, but some cats come here for holiday or trading.)

h.1 Bone Lake

  • :star:Rockaro: (???)
  • Vulkaan: (Only for Jellocats who love the very hot!)


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