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Created: 8 October 2022, 22:27:46 EDT
Last updated: 7 August 2023, 02:27:36 EDT

Jellocat species faq

Welcome to the FAQ! We try to answer everything as good as possible!


  1. General
  2. My Account
  3. Traits & Rarities
  4. Jelloblocks
  5. Prompts
  6. Other


1. General

➜ What are Jellocats?
Jellocats are a closed species created by TaNa-Jo (  A CLOSED SPECIES means you cannot create your own without permission. There are certain ways how you can obtain a Jellocat! You can make your own with a MYO Ticket you can buy in our shop: 

➜ How can I get a Jellocat?
Events, Auctions, Flatsales, Raffles.... and by earning Jelloblocks for free! Read about it in our Newcomer Guide!


2. My account

➜ Do I need DeviantArt?
Right now, you still need an account there to verify yourself

➜ Username change?
You can change your username if you have the rights in SETTINGS, or you can contact an ADMIN to help you via Discord!

➜ I never got a registration mail!
Please try again to claim one - wait at least 30-60 minutes. Check your SPAM folder! If nothing happens, contact TaNa-Jo via Discord.


3. Traits & rarities

➜ What kind of rarities are there?
Bullet; Green Common | Bullet; Blue Uncommon | Bullet; Purple Rare | Bullet; Pink Legendary | Bullet; Yellow Mutation | Bullet; Orange Event

➜ Where can I see the TRAIT LIST?

➜ Where can I see in what CATEGORY certain TRAITS belong?
In our Encyclopedia, you can read about it! Just click TRAITS.

➜ Can I upgrade traits?
Yes, you can use special items for that! Check our TRAIT SHOP.

➜ My Jellocat has the wrong rarity listed/ a trait is missing!
Please contact our ADMINS in QUESTIONS in Discord.

➜ Can I turn my Jellocat into a SUBSPECIES? (Right now there are ANCIENTS & JELLOGUTS)


4. jelloblocks

➜ What are Jelloblocks?
You can earn Jelloblocks - which is the currency on Jello Island, by drawing Jellocats uploaded to our Master List. It has to be an official Jellocat.  If you have drawn a Jellocat of the Month, please explicitly mention it! You need a Lorekeeper account for collecting Jelloblocks!

➜ Jellocat of the month?
Art of the Jellocat of the Month will earn DOUBLE the Jelloblocks for completed art. If the Jellocat of the Month is not the only Jellocat in the piece, then ONLY its individual Block value will be doubled for less confusion during the tallying process.

➜ How to get my cat featured?
In Discord, you can always suggest yours or another one's cat!

Can i trade jelloblocks for items?
No you cannot trade any currency for items [this includes swirlberries] you can take jelloblock commissions, ask us to raffle them off for you or gift them to a friend!


5. prompts

➜ What are prompts?
Submitting a PROMPT will reward you with Jelloblocks.
Check our current PROMPTS here: 

➜ When will my MYO/Prompt/Character transfer/... will be accepted?
Please be patient, we need to check everything manually, and we all have jobs etc that might keep us busy, so it might take a bit sometimes!

➜ Why was my prompt rejected?
Please make sure your prompt meets the requirements specified in the prompt details. If your prompt was rejected, it does not meet the requirements needed for a certain prompt.


6. other

➜ How to become a Guest Artist?
Check our Guest Artist Guide

➜ How to BREED?

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