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Jellopets are a Jellocat's companion for a lifetime. They are absolutely loyal and live along Jellocats and their owners. You do not need to own a Jellocat to own a pet.

If your cat owns MORE than one pet, something happens: Out of all pets your Jellocat or YOU own, one is chosen as a LIFETIME SOULMATE.

  • Jellopet or Soulmate included - +5x Jelloblocks in total



Swirlberry - Jellocats by TaNa-Jo

SWIRLBERRIES are the official currency you need to be able to buy pets.

To collect 1x Swirlberry, you need to draw a cat collecting or interacting with the berry in the surrounding of where it grows. You will also earn the normal balance of Jelloblocks for each piece of art.

what about the other berries?

The other berries are items your Jellocat can be awarded with for certain things ;)



Once you have all the needed berries, you can put them into the Sugar Lake (C.1 on map) or plant it in soil. A big ball of Jello will grow, and the creature eats its way out.

  • You need a certain amount of berries to create a certain pet
  • There is no limit on pets.
  • You may own one without a Jellocat. All berries can be eaten, too.
  • Only soil and the water from the lake will turn them into pets. (free)
  •  Pets/Berries can be won in events etc

Design rules:

Check the individual pets for colour rules. Some have limitations.

  • Like Jellocats, they have colourful teeth and gums!
  • Colour them as you wish. Once coloured, you can ONLY change the colour with the SWIRLOOP Berry!
  • They can be dressed up, and have magical abilities!


  •  :star: REGISTER your Jellopets at the Jellocat-Masterlist
  • Jellopets are made of JELLO!
  • Jellopets have individual characters.


  • Shop Here you will find how many berries you need for a certain pet.
  • Berries are a currency on Lorekeeper, so you can easily buy stuff.
  • Collect Jelloblocks
  • Get Berries Here


Jellobird - Jellopet by TaNa-JoJellofrog - Jellopet by TaNa-JoJellosquid - Jellopet by TaNa-JoJelloshark - Jellopet by TaNa-JoJellorabbit - Jellopet by TaNa-JoJellosnake - Jellopet by TaNa-JoJelloferret - Jellopet by TaNa-JoHermit Crab - Jellopet by TaNa-Jo




For a Jelloworm you need: 
Bullet; Green Common: 5€ / 500 Points / Swirlberries: 3x / 50x Jelloblocks
Bullet; Blue Uncommon: 10€ / 1,000 Points / Swirlberries: 6x / 100x Jelloblocks
Bullet; Purple Rare: 15€ / 1,500 Points / Swirlberries: 9x / 150x Jelloblocks

About Jelloworms
Jelloworms hatch out of gelatine eggs and are the favourite pets of Jellocats. Their eyes are always closed while their nubs help them navigate and hear. Like Jellocats, long, colourful tongues are essential parts of the body. All over Jello Island and in the surrounding water, you can find Jelloworms. Some may have wings and live in the sky or fins that let them dive deep under the sea. Even the eggs can be large as humans in size but usually, Jelloworms are not that big. Some are very small and short, while others are long or fat.

You can adopt an egg as well, and you can draw the hatched worm later.

A Baby Jelloworm looks like the green Baby in the sheet above. They are quite short. 10 cm - 30 cm in length.

Adult Jelloworms can reach a length from 30 cm - 4 meters. Very old Jelloworms get 4 meters long. The worms are usually 2–3 meters.

Jelloworms are very friendly creatures and loyal until they die. Of course, all of them have individual characters and names, so maybe not all are friendly or social. They lick sugar and do not need anything else to eat. If they bond with a Jellocat, they live as long as their Jellocat. Bonding with their cat creates this magic contract. They will also have some magical abilities like healing their Jellocat from bite marks.

Bullet; Green Common | Bullet; Blue Uncommon | Bullet; Purple Rare | Bullet; Pink Legendary | Bullet; Yellow Mutation | Bullet; Orange Event

:star: MUST HAVE :star:
- 3 Nubs on the side
- Tongue
- Nubs on the head

:bulletpurple: Neon
:bulletblue: Glowing
:bulletgreen: Any other colour

Usually, they are plain, but they have the same texture rarities as Jellocats.
Jellocat Species Textures

:bulletblue: Dragon Wings
:bulletblue: Angel Wings
:bulletpurple: Multiple Wings but the same type of wings
:bulletpurple: Very large wings
:bulletgreen: No Wings

:bulletblue: Rhino
:bulletblue: Giraffe 
:bulletgreen: Short horns
:bulletgreen: No Horns

:bulletblue: Fins / Gills


- Jelloworms are NOT free to draw/design.
- Check Jellopets on how to get one
- You may trade them for Jellocats, other Jelloworms, Berries or items.


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