Masterlist Guide

Created: 9 October 2022, 12:57:23 UTC
Last updated: 4 April 2023, 16:49:12 UTC

Masterlist Guide


Why is there a masterlist?

A masterlist is needed to have an official list of all existing Jellocats/pets/...


The adopt I've bought is not on the list yet!

Please ask an ADMIN if an adoptable you have bought is not on the list yet! 


How to register a MYO?

When you visit the SHOP ( ), you can buy MYO Tickets for POINTS, USD or JELLOBLOCKS.
(NOTE TaNa-Jo, so your MYO Ticket can be added to your inventory on Lorekeeper if you buy a Ticket for Points or Money! Mention your username!)


1. You can find your items in your account INVENTORY.


2. Now, click on the MYO Ticket you would like to use.


3. Click "USE SLOT". Be sure, to set the tick where it says "source"!


4. You will see this:


5. Now, go to your MYO SLOTS and you will see your created slot!


7. When you click on your ticket, you can edit everything and add all traits your cat has, add info...! "EDIT" should save the current settings you've made.


8. "SUBMIT MYO DESIGN" should do the rest.


9. Press "edit" to add the traits. You can leave the subtype blank if you create a Jellocat. Jelloguts have a subtype! "Add Trait" opens a single trait you can add to the list. Press "edit" to save.



Traits will be put into categories automatically.


10. Check out all the info there is to be edited by you before you submit your MYO. Adding an image of your cat, for example. Where the gearwheel is, you need to re-upload the image with your cat and turn valid and viewable on! Hit edit.
11. Do not forget to add if you purchased your ticket with cash or blocks! I’m trying my best to keep track of value for those