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Nerps - open species (part of Jellocats - Closed Species)

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Star! Nerps are part of the CLOSED SPECIES "Jellocats"
Star! You can SELL Nerps, but keep in mind they are part of Jellocats Species/Community!
Star! Nerps still need to be submitted to the MASTERLIST on LOREKEEPER!

- What are Nerps? -
Nerps live along Jellocats on Jello Island. You can find them in every habitat on Jello Island. Nerps emerge from Jelloblocks.

- More about Nerps and their abilities... -
Nerps have quite a ROAR and you can clearly hear them. Their lower jaw is connected to their belly, and they can stretch it even below their legs. They are made of JELLO mixed with a slimy-goo-like substance. You cannot destroy them, unless they want to dissolve in their own acid they can spit. Nerps eat everything jello & there is no limit in their size. The smallest seen Nerp was the size of a frog.

- Anatomy and trait Guidelines: -
Nerps have 2 Body areas:    
Belly, connected to lower tail and jaw.
Upper body

»The 2 areas always have different colours!«

Nerps don’t have trait limitations. You can find winged Nerps, Nerps with horns & many more forms of them! Please keep the base body as shown on this sheet! (4 limbs, nub ears, chubby tail, eyes, cheeks!)

- Communication -
The spoken language on Jello Island is WOBBLE.
They communicate through their minds with other beings. They may open their mind to everyone or to one person only if they want to communicate in privacy. It usually takes some training for the human to answer, but if the bond is strong enough, everything is possible! This ability comes naturally after birth, and they do not need to learn it.

- Language -
Nerps have their own language, called WOBBLE. They even have their own symbols and a font you can use. Through international contact with humans from all countries, WOBBLE developed to English grammar and pronunciation, but with their own symbols instead of letters. 

Star! NOTE (taken from Jellocat species description):
  • Jellocats may grow up with English, BUT they may have a second native language they can speak!
  • On Jello island, this font is used mainly, but Jellocats can learn to speak and write other languages, too!
  • Weirdly enough, some cats may have accents! This might be, because of their magic within them or out of unknown coincidences.
  • Jellocats DO NOT TALK with their mouths, but each cat still sounds different, because their personality gives them some kind of Aura. Every aura is individual.
  • >>> Wobble - Jello Island Font (free download) <<<
- Open species? -
Open species means that you are allowed to make your own without explicit permission.

- Can they wear clothes? -
Yes!! They LOVE dressing up! Jewellery, clothes etc!

Please take care to read my Adoptable Terms!
By adopting any adopt, you agree to my terms.

Jellocat is a closed species, meaning you are not allowed to make your own without approval.
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