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Jelloguts (Jellocats Subtype)


Part of Jellocats - a closed species

:bulletred: Jellogut-Cats are no subspecies. It is a sub-form

Jellocat Species Information and FAQ + Trait
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You may find more and updated info here > Jellocat Species Information and FAQ + Traits

- Jellocats? -

Yes. Jellocats are little cats made out of pure jello. They can perfectly sit in both of your hands or grow even bigger than you are.

- What are they exactly made of? -

There is always a taste to its jello. You see this little ball up there? That is the jello egg the cat hatched out of. Here, the egg shows strawberries. Might be the jello taste or a magical treat/ability. It can be everything!

- The body -

Jellocats don’t have eyes, because they simply don’t need them. Whiskers and ears help them to navigate - even to find jello! Their body is always made of jello. Jellocats are either walking on 2 feet or all 4. It is a single trait which can be only inherited when both parents have it.

- Jelloguts? -

Jelloguts have their origin in Jellocats. Intestines are a trait. These cats tend to be more creepy. 

- Why are there such jellocats? -

Usually, Jellocats consume jello and sugar, but some tourists fed them with human food their bodies could not cope with. Some Jellocats developed guts and bones. Due to this mutation, it is easier for parasites to enter a cat when it eats human food.

- Social behaviour -

Jelloguts seem to be scarier than common Jellocats. When they feel scared or stressed, their organs produce an acid they spit on their enemies.

- Jelloguts spit acid? -

Yes. It burns small holes in their enemies. It does not kill, but it can hurt a lot. You can say that Jellocats with guts are more dangerous than Jellocats without. - Jellocats are very peaceful, but imagine if they bite you! Ouch!   

- Did you say parasites above? -                                 

Yep. Jellocats “infected” with a parasite act crazy and may have aggressive behaviour. Parasites stay with their Jellocat until it dies. The Jello is stable in a way that when an infected Jellogut breeds, the parasite cannot spread. Once the parasite is in the cat, it can never leave. A Jellogut cannot be healed. The parasite and the body form a symbiosis.

Jellopets (Jellopets Subtype)

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