Trait Categories

Colors Jellocats

  • Gum and teeth do not have the exact same colour.

Texture Jellocats and Jelloworms

  • Visual Info
  • Every Jellocat's body is made of jello. Even if it is fur or cactus.
  • Textures can be combined.

Body Jellocats

  • At least 1 head
  • Traits can be combined
  • 3 Paws + 1 Thumb

Whiskers Jellocats

  • Traits can be combined

Ears Jellocats

  • 1x Pair of Ears is required.
  • Traits can be combined.

Teeth Jellocats

  • Traits can be combined.
  • Gum and teeth must not have the exact same color.

Tongue Jellocats

  • Required for survival
  • Traits can be combined. (The TYPE of tongue must be the same when using several tongues. Colouring may be different types.)
  • Minimum 1x Tongue.

Horns Jellocats

  • Horns are made of jello.
  • Traits can be combined. (The TYPE of horn must be the same when using several horns.)

Tail Jellocats

  • Tails cannot be combined with other tails.
  • Tails can be combined with textures

Wings Jellocats

  • No regulation on wing sizes.
  • Do NOT mix wings when using several.

Size Jellocats

  • Jellocats come in different sizes. They grow fast once born.


  • (If you're making a Jellogut, the Belly Guts being shown is required. It is an optional choice to create one.)
  • Traits can be combined with other categories!


  • Some features
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