Created: 9 October 2022, 11:53:03 UTC
Last updated: 9 October 2022, 12:13:38 UTC


➜ What are Jelloblocks?
You can earn Jelloblocks - which is the currency on Jello Island, by drawing Jellocats uploaded to the Master List. It has to be an official Jellocat.  If you have drawn a Jellocat of the Month, please explicit mention it! You need a Lorekeeper account for collecting Jelloblocks!

➜ Jellocat of the month?
Art of the Jellocat of the Month will earn DOUBLE the Jelloblocks for completed art. If the Jellocat of the Month is not the only Jellocat in the piece, then ONLY its individual Block value will be doubled for less confusion during the tallying process.

➜ How to get my cat featured?
In discord, you can always suggest yours or another one's cat!


Get your Art Rewards - Jelloblocks (Currency)

  1. Create an account at our website:

  2. Get your rewards here:

  3. Don't forget to submit your artwork to the group! Art must be uploaded to DeviantArt!

Berry Rules (required):

➜ 1x Berry = Draw a cat collecting/interacting with the berry in its location.
➜ You get Jelloblocks as well!

Values :

Berries let you buy Jellopets: 

  • Background (needed)

  • Full-body only + coloured (needed for single artworks, NOT comics)

  • Digital or Traditional

  • 1 Panel = 1x Berry (coloured needed)


Jelloblock Values:

➜ Jellopet or Soulmate included = 5x Jelloblocks  

➜ Headshot = 5x Jelloblocks  
➜ Bust/ Portrait = 6x Jelloblocks  
➜ Fully rendered Bust/Portrait = 10x Jelloblocks  
➜ Full body = 7x Jelloblocks  
➜ Fully rendered/shaded full-body = 12x Jelloblocks  
➜ Simple Background = 5x Jelloblocks  
➜ Complex Background (Shading/scenery) = 7x Jelloblocks  
➜ Coloured Sketch page min. 5 sketches = 9x Jelloblocks  

➜ Pixel Icon = 6x Jelloblocks  

➜ Animation (simple) = 6x Jelloblocks  
➜ Animation (complex 10+ fps) = 9x Jelloblocks  
➜ Animation (complex 10+ fps with complex background) = 14x Jelloblocks  

➜ Chibi = 6x per cat Jelloblocks  
➜ YCH Batches (Simple on-base full-bodies) = 10x per cat Jelloblocks  

➜ Writings (min 500 words) = 7x Jelloblocks  
➜ Writings (min 1,000 words) = 9x Jelloblocks