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Guest Artist Guide

Created: 9 October 2022, 11:44:19 EDT
Last updated: 15 July 2023, 02:39:45 EDT

Guest Artist Guide


Applying does not mean you are chosen as Guest Artist.


1. For money/USD/Euro sales you MUST have paypal we do not accept any other form of cash app payment.
2. Accounts that are at least 3 months old. (on any ACTIVE social media not an empty throwaway)
3. Able to abide by our ANATOMY GUIDELINES.
4. Willing to accept criticism if something needs fixing/altering.
5. An account at our Lorekeeper website & a discord for easy approval/corrections that are needed.
6. Active during your month of being a guest artist. we do understand issues pop up out of no where but you MUST communicate that to us.


Quick INFO:

- Registering pets to the ML is YOUR responsibility. you can do this via that channel listed as "masterlist" or dming a mod if you cannot access it. (note that you your self arent uploading it.)
- Please link who bought it (lorekeeper user only) and how much you sold it for along with the cats rarity and all its traits. (all this information is posted in the pins of the "artists" channel)


Guest artist terms of service:
Please check the Guest Artist TOS here for way more info (see point 4.0) : 


the difference between an official artist and a guest artist is that official artists are part of the team for an unlimited period of time without adopt making limitations.

Prices for selling as a guest artist/official artist:



Guest Artists

How many Jellocats and Jello pets am I allowed to sell as a Guest Artist?

1. You need to submit the adopts in a BATCH only.
2. you will be making 5 Jellocats (rarity up to mutation)
3. (Optional) you can make 5 Jello pets (Faemith up to rare, Jelloworms up to rare, regular jellopets and NO special pets).
4. Once you have submitted your batch of jellocats you will get 1 MYO ticket of any rarity as a thank you (pet batch is optional)
5. 20% for jellocat profit is going to TaNa-Jo in EUROS. (you keep 100% profit for jellopets)

Official artists & Admins
  • This status comes with an invite-only.
  • Official Artists may take custom commissions. See 3.1
  • How many Jellocats am I allowed to sell?
    • There is no limitation. You may make your own Jellocat.
  • How many Jellopets am I allowed to sell?
    • There is no limitation. No limit on rarity! You keep 100% profit for pets!
  • Traits: All traits are allowed.
  • 20% going to TaNa-Jo 
  • Register Pets on the Master list as well!


Guest artist application form: