Anatomy Guide

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Anatomy Guide
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In Species Info ・ By TaNa-Jo

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:star: ANTHRO RULES: :star:

:bulletgreen: Chubby body, keep it simple!
:bulletgreen: Lanky bodies are somewhat okay AS LONG as the body proportions are followed + make sense!

- CHECK in DISCORD before uploading to deviantART please! 

:bulletred: Jellocats vary in their BODY appearance, but still do have some basics need to be followed. Their BODY should be SIMPLE and keep it like a cat in anatomy, please!
:bulletred: PAWS are usually chubby, with or without claws. Claws can be short or long. The paws may look claw-like, but please don’t overdo it.
:bulletred: NO HUMANOID versions are allowed. Jellocats and Jellogut Cats are nothing like CCCATS! And do NOT try to turn Jellocats into them. This leads to a ban eventually. 

- No human-like anatomy!
- No eyes in the head or mouth!
- No thin belly!
- No weird neck shapes!
- No overemphasized limbs!

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