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Jellocat Of July LIVE POLL

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Hello everyone ! Please bear with us as Deviantart makes picking cats more and more difficult with the current changes. We are still looking in to alternatives, but if you wish to see ALL the cats, all cats have their ML link attached and I will be leaving the stash link with all the images as well to view !
Poll :
Stash link with all cats easily visible in one spot :


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Putting here as well so everyone can see and not just the discord.  So we are having some issues with copyright again. We hate to be this way, but we feel we are being taken a bit advantage of at this point for people who many not know some characters. If you jellocat is beyond inspiration and looks almost exactly like the characters its themed, we will have to decline it . We feel we have been taken a bit advantage of especially me , Krissy since Im the one who approved most cats,  so we will be having multiple admins check all cats from now on. This will slow the process down a lot, but especially with big name companies that are known to sue for minor slights, we CANNOT  risk this. All cats will be approved on a 2 day basis weekly from now on . This is not aimed at anyone specific, but we NEED to be careful. Unless I know FOR SURE the cat isnt copyrighted an example, a cat like ozzy based off your pet , easy to tell usually,  will be in a waiting list until Sunday and Thursday. I will be again, passing any cats I feel I cannot tell what they are to the other mods to check out .

We will also be asking you to add THEME and DESIGN INSPIRATION in the comments on lorekeeper. If those arent there, it may take us longer to approve but if you are upfront about it, we can figure everything out quicker !


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Hi everyone!

We rolled the winners of the mermaid's raffle!


You can check the results on deviantart >>>here<<<


Let us know your lorekeeper's account down here in the comments or on deviantart if you are the winner, so we can add the characters to your account


And thank you all for joining !

Jellocat Of May !

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Check our our newest prompt option for the jellocat for May !

here is the cat's ML list. You all did so much art last month, I'm excited to see what's done this month !

Jellocat Of May Poll

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Don't forget to vote for your favorite cat for the month of May ! We have a fun lil mermaid / ocean theme this time ! Apoligies for no pictures, DA basically said no more of that lol, and since our da master list is not longer updated, it was bound to happen.

Easter 2022 Event

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This event is all held on DA as we are still working on Lorekeeper !

Help Ozzy the Easter Jellocat find his lost eggs ! He is devastated, and willing to give a lot to get his eggs back to hand out to all the jellocats on Jello Island !

“ Okay, I know where all my eggs might be ! I lost 20 special eggs, some more special than others so I’ll give you more points for finding those !

Where can you find the eggs ? Well, I have some clues, some more clear than others in my memory ! “


All of the eggs are around jello island on deviantart !

Some eggs are hidden in important places, those will be the easiest to find I think. Check anywhere that’s important to us jellocats !

Some eggs are hidden in new places, and some are hidden in places that are now retired I think as well ! Things we have moved to Lorekeeper I think

And some eggs are SUPER DUPER hard to find. These are my priceless eggs ! I’ll give you the most for these, but this will be the hardest to remember. I know it had something to do that’s important for human Easter …. and there’s another hiding in a very special spot. I may have left one at home honestly.


How will points work ?


Just keep track of the eggs you find by using the DA post or comment link and sending them in a big batch to my owner, KrissySempaiArt She will know what to do with them. Please be kind and send as many as possible, sending one at a time and going bonkers with messages may stress her out ! On DA, you can note her ! Please make sure to use the note feature as chat is still a buggy feature !


Collecting all the links in one big group is fine ! She will hand check everything to make sure they’re actually there. You may like the eggs comment as well, but please do not comment on the egg comment ! Some are in important places, so a bunch of random comments would clog it up quickly !


What things can I buy with points ?


I have a little shop I’ll be running for the remainder of April ! It’s my lil Easter shop ! This shop will be located here and on DA in this journal as it’s own separate comment ! so you can come see me easier !


Ozzy’ s Easter Shop will become it’s own temporary channel on discord 6so you can buy things there ! But here’s what I sell.


Jellocat common myo > 100 points


Faemith common myo > 100 points


Bundle of any kind of pet’s berries, all picked by you (number 5) > 50 points


Potion > 50 points ( Gives RARE Neon Trait )


Specrtumelon > 50 points ( Gives RARE Crystal Trait )


Uncommon trait upgrade ticket> 25 points ( Exclude item specific upgrade traits, such as potion )


Rare trait upgrade ticket> 50 points ( Excludes Item specific upgrade traits, such as potion ! )


You can earn a total of 200 points, so choose wisely how you spend ! But I may have some extra things for those who find EVERY egg for me ! If you can find every egg, you will be put in to a raffle held by my owner as well. What will be in it you ask ? Nobody knows, but I think it’ll be held at the end of April !


Everyone is allowed to play ! Eggs can be found by everyone and not a one person claim deal !


Please NO CHEATING. If you are caught sharing egg details, you will be disqualified !


Please send the egg info to Krissy ! She will help keep track as others will help pay out rewards so we can keep the egg locations secret !


This event will last until May 1st at 12 am PST to give everyone the best chance of finding all the eggs !

Contest Winners

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Welcome To Jellocats Lorekeeper !

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Hello everyone! It's been a long time coming, but we finally got Lorekeeper up and running ! Now, we are still working on some minor bugs and repairs, and we are all still learning as well, but we welcome you with open arms to join us here in on the fun! 

So what does Lorekeeper mean for the Jellocat Species as a whole ? To put it short, we can migrate most of our things from DA, which has become more and more unfriendly to groups like closed species. We also wanted something a bit more controlled and professional feeling! We will have a near constantly updated masterlist, things are much more organized, and makes things easier on you, our members as well ! 
Waiting times will be much shorter than they were for Da, and we can take out waiting all together in a lot of options, especially including the shops. 

This was just written to fill out page until we get some actual news to report, so we hope you all don't mind the ping c:
Thank you to everyone who has already joined us here ! We are very excited about the future of Jellocats.