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12 March 2022 (1 year ago)
17 May

✨Hello! My name is Clarrisa! Check out my Carrd for any other social media I'm on!✨

For more art and references of my Jellocats, please visit their Toyhouse profiles!
All Cats/Pets in my profile are fine for surprise art if wanted!

Extra art/info on my Jellocats:

Extra art/info on my Jellopets:

My cats are in order of my 4 favorites (the 4 favorites are in no specific order), after those, my characters are roughly sorted by rainbow color order!
An odd long black creature sporting a pink sweater and cat-shaped mask with a glad expression.

7 Jelloblocks
1 Swirlberries
Faemith - Uncommon MYO
Special Pet MYO
Rare Trait Upgrade
Mutation Trait Upgrade

Characters / Nerps Species


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Feel free to DM me anywhere on any social media linked in my Carrd!

You're welcome to DM me in the Jellocat server as well via CLARRISA (Display name is 📼Kid Kody📼)

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