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3 October 2022 (1 year ago)

User F.A.Q.

  • Can I draw yourJellocats?
    • Yes you may!
  • Can I write about your Jellocats?
    • Only if you message me first and learn about their personalities! I'm quite picky on how they are conveyed in stories, and it's really uncomfortable to read them out of character!
  • Can I DM you about something?
    • Feel free to! Just be weary that I might not reply right away both due to having a busy life and suffering from severe social anxiety!

Custom Jellocat Designs

I accept Euros € and Jelloblocks Jelloblocks ! Please send me a DM on Discord if you are interested in a Jellocat custom! (My Discord username is torn_pages)

  • Common: €25 / 250 Jelloblocks 
  • Uncommon: €30 / 300 Jelloblocks 
  • Rare: €40 / 400 Jelloblocks 
  • Legendary: €55 / 550 Jelloblocks 
  • Mutation: €75 / 750 Jelloblocks 
    --> Add-Ons:
    • Matching Pet: + €10 / 100 Jelloblocks 
    • Static Pixel Icon: + €8 / 80 Jelloblocks 
    • Animated Pixel Icon: + €15 / 150 Jelloblocks 
    • Additional Flat Color Drawing: + €20 / 200 Jelloblocks 
    • Additional Shaded Drawing: + €30 / 300 Jelloblocks 
    • Digital Painting With Background: + €45 / 400 Jelloblocks 


He / They / Xe
(Hover over the pronouns listed above for more info)

Heya! I'm Cassius! I discovered Jellocats by fluke, however it has since become a major comfort species for me. I absolitely love it here, and this is one of my most favorite communities out there! 

I love the world of ALL my Jellocats, so none of them will ever  be for trade, so please do not try to offer!

2872 Jelloblocks
0 Swirlberries
1 Sprouts
Jelloferret - Jellopet
Jellobunny - Jellopet
Sprout Key
Toady - Jellopet

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takes up space on your profile

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wobbles with your jellos

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