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Character Masterlist

Owner Name Rarity Species Created
ShotGun_Hell Adopt-1561 Mutation Jellocats 3 March 2024, 23:29:55 EST
Splinter MYO-1471: Nilo Legendary Jellocats 8 June 2023, 14:20:00 EDT
MinTea Adopt-1316 Rare Jellocats 2 November 2023, 15:39:16 EDT
Clarrisa Adopt-1158: Prof. Atticus Mutation Jellocats 1 September 2023, 19:45:47 EDT
Ka1ic Adopt-666: Suds Uncommon Jellocats 14 January 2023, 19:02:50 EST
Void-0f-eyes Custom-643: Uncommon MYO Slot Uncommon Jellocats 22 December 2022, 00:23:08 EST
GabyIsTrash Adopt-481: Finn Uncommon Jellocats 18 May 2022, 12:44:13 EDT
Muffin_Angel Egg-190 Legendary Jellocats 8 March 2022, 19:33:46 EST
sparki MYO-117 Mutation Jellocats 7 March 2022, 22:28:10 EST
pumpkin_knights Adopt-004 Uncommon Jellocats 6 March 2022, 01:24:44 EST
10 results found.