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Gradient Coloring

Gradient Coloring (Common)

Species: Jellocats

- Gradients should be at least 2 or more distinctly different/unique color gradients or blends,

- Gradients must be either placed in specific areas, for example a gradient from the legs down to the paws, or the whole cat from nose to tail can be a multiple color gradient blend.

- If the gradient is not distinct enough, it could be considered too close and come off as rendering/shading and highlighting and considered one color, which is a legendary color trait. 

- Color traits can be combine with other color traits! 


Examples of Proper Gradients -

All Over Gradient Adopt 104

All Over Gradient DTA-225

Examples of Proper Partial Gradients :


Partial Leg Gradient Adopt-282

Partial Leg Red to Clear Gradient MYO-275

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