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Plant Body

Plant Body (Mutation)

Species: Jellocats
  • Plants (plants growing on/out of the body. The Jellocat is half plant-half jellocat)
Matte Texture

Matte Texture (Mutation)

Species: Jellocats
  • Matte without gloss
  • Traits can be combined
Static / Glitch Texture

Static / Glitch Texture (Mutation)

Species: Jellocats
  • Must have a static / glitch like coloring
  • Parts of the body can break off and essentially "glitch" off the cat and move independently. 
  • Traits can be combined!
  • Glitching can not be used to make inappropriate / nsfw symbols, hate symbols, or anything in that realm.

Suggested by KrissySempaiArt during the Summer Trait Event of 2023!

Food Body

Food Body (Mutation)

Category: Body Jellocats
Species: Jellocats
  • Food Body (For example, a Jellocat made of Burgers)
Noodle Body

Noodle Body (Mutation)

Category: Body Jellocats
Species: Jellocats
  • Noodle Body
  • traits can be combined
Eyes on body Mutation

Eyes on body Mutation (Mutation)

Category: Body Jellocats
Species: Jellocats
  • Eyes on body

Eyes on Head

Eyes on Head (Mutation)

Category: Body Jellocats
Species: Jellocats
  • A Jellocat with eyes? 


Anglerfish (Mutation)

Category: Horns Jellocats
Species: Jellocats
  • Anglerfish Lantern

Mutated (Mutation)

Category: Extra
Species: Jellopets (Jellopets subtype)

Can only be obtained by the special Cursed Pet Potion or mod/permanent artists customs.

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